YAY! It arrived so fast! What excellent service from Hatched and Patched! I am so excited to start and go through with the process!

Here is what I pulled out for the background:


And my choices for the applique:

Do I finally crack …er…cut into my Thimbleberries collection?


Or, do I start using my 30’s collection (starting a stash):


Or, do I use this stash of odds and ends plus my scrap basket?


Choices, choices, choices! Such fun!

And the January goal is to stitch this:


I have felt Chooky’s whip, all the way across the ocean;)… Although I must admit that I was confused and I thought that I could finish up a project, which I have been doing…my Grand Illusion…12 blocks so far and backing ordered. No, the 12 blocks aren’t sewn together yet but I love seeing how it will look!



Been a little while…

…but the reality of work after the holidays has set in! Add to that I am an avid runner, swimmer and seasonal sport girl and I am using up all the hours of my day!

I have been taking the time to sew everday, even if it is just 15 minutes. I have advanced on my Grand Illusion quilt and it is slowly growing on me as IT grows:



It will be quite the size! If anyone knows what the name of those black/cream/pink diagonal sets are please let me know. I am having difficulty making them join and I know there must be a trick.

This week I hope to get some hexagons hexied 😉

So many creative ideas going on in my head!

No Jen, I didn’t throw these out!


SAL 2015 is officially underway for me!

SAL 2015

I signed up for Chooky’s SAL 2015 and I ordered the pattern yesterday! I really hope that it won’t take long for it to get here.  I will probably start going to the mailbox today to look for it ;).I am so excited to get started but I will have to live vicariously through the SAL blog in the meantime, seeing what colours the others are using.

I am still working on my Grand Illusion quilt and will update soon.  Just finished Step 3 and returning back to Step 2 with a plan!

I succeeded!


I am learning so much with this Grand Illusion quilt. Now for this step I had to sew 2 sets of strips. Then they had to be placed one on top of the other and cut into sets. I was worried that they wouldn’t nestle properly but VOILA, they did. I have been really being careful with my cutting and 1/4 inch seam.

Here is the end result:


I hope to get the quilt top finished this month!