SAL 2015 is officially underway for me!

SAL 2015

I signed up for Chooky’s SAL 2015 and I ordered the pattern yesterday! I really hope that it won’t take long for it to get here.  I will probably start going to the mailbox today to look for it ;).I am so excited to get started but I will have to live vicariously through the SAL blog in the meantime, seeing what colours the others are using.

I am still working on my Grand Illusion quilt and will update soon.  Just finished Step 3 and returning back to Step 2 with a plan!


3 thoughts on “SAL 2015 is officially underway for me!”

  1. HI Peggy, Susan from the SAL
    Seems your paying attention to cutting and seams is paying off – your work is very accurate – and how many hexies do you have??? OMGosh – at is a lot.
    You will need a few for the SALproject!
    looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. glad you pattern is ordered……..I’m sure it won’t take long but it will feel like it takes years………feeling sorry for your mailman………i can see you stalking already……….lol…..

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