Been a little while…

…but the reality of work after the holidays has set in! Add to that I am an avid runner, swimmer and seasonal sport girl and I am using up all the hours of my day!

I have been taking the time to sew everday, even if it is just 15 minutes. I have advanced on my Grand Illusion quilt and it is slowly growing on me as IT grows:



It will be quite the size! If anyone knows what the name of those black/cream/pink diagonal sets are please let me know. I am having difficulty making them join and I know there must be a trick.

This week I hope to get some hexagons hexied 😉

So many creative ideas going on in my head!

No Jen, I didn’t throw these out!



3 thoughts on “Been a little while…”

  1. Well, you look farther than me, because I only have 4 of the blocks made. They’re double diamonds. It is tough joining the two diagonal seems, but I figure the quilt is busy enough no one will notice *wink*. I stab the seam allowances to line up at a 1/4″.

  2. I agree Lisa! Plus it will be quilted everywhere too. I noticed that you are still doing quite a bit of quilting even in if it is not the Grand Illusion.

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