Still quilting!

IMG_5826Going around and around and getting better, especially when I get to a long arc.

IMG_5824It is huge going turning around the sewing machine hole!

8 down, 17 to go!

I am linking up to the Needle and Thread Network and hoping to get some more tips for walking foot circles!

I have been handstitching too…my monthly hexagons are finished and just need to be mailed!



Going around in circles

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I am working on my Grand Illusion quilt and becoming addicted to machine quilting, even if it is with my walking foot; building up the courage to stipple.

Since I am a newbie for free motion quilting I have opted to do circles in each of the 25 main blocks.  I really like the effect but have to avert my eyes when it jags.  If any of you out there have done this and have any tips, I would greatly appreciate them. This is my 6th block and I am getting better. I know that when I wash it the quilt will shrink and I the jags won’t be that noticeable.  Even now when I look back over my other blocks, I hardly notice them.

I am doing the circles with my walking foot and it is painstakingly slow but gratifying when I see the result.  I do draw the first line and then I start sewing at the the horizontal line; stitch the circle and when I get back to the line I pivot the quilt and take 5 stitches (the width of the circles) and then pivot back to do next circle.  I continue in this way and only have two tie offs.  I have the stitch length at 3.5 and for the most part the stitches are even.

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I love my backing, even though it is not the same green as on the front.  It is so cool to the touch.  The back of the quilt could be another quilt.



Just amazingly snuggly!

Brigitte, si tu lis mon blog et tu ad des idées ou des trucs ….:)…je pratique mon stippling pour entre mes blocs! J’adore le processus du piquage!

Oops! Once a month?

Seriously I have been very productive hence why no blogging?  I have finished putting together my Grand Illusion and sandwiched it this week-end so it is all ready for quilting.  It will be quilted on my domestic….YIKES!  😉


Believe it or not, besides the corner that I am lifting, this quilt is flat! The illusion is amazing! I should say illusions because every time I look at it I see something else moving!

I am almost finished February Part 1 of my Nature’s Journey.  I am hoping that Chookyblue will not “whip” me too hard because that quilt up above took most of my spare time! I am really loving this project and enjoying the process.  I think that I know where I am going now!


And I have participated in a Winter mugrug swap by Crafting with Lisa Marie and this is the one that I made.  I broke down and bought another “Patchsmith” pattern.  I love her designs.


This is the mugrug that I received from Gail in Missouri. So beautiful and I am using it all the time! Thanks Gail!



And what would a quilting post be without a cat?