Oops! Once a month?

Seriously I have been very productive hence why no blogging?  I have finished putting together my Grand Illusion and sandwiched it this week-end so it is all ready for quilting.  It will be quilted on my domestic….YIKES!  😉


Believe it or not, besides the corner that I am lifting, this quilt is flat! The illusion is amazing! I should say illusions because every time I look at it I see something else moving!

I am almost finished February Part 1 of my Nature’s Journey.  I am hoping that Chookyblue will not “whip” me too hard because that quilt up above took most of my spare time! I am really loving this project and enjoying the process.  I think that I know where I am going now!


And I have participated in a Winter mugrug swap by Crafting with Lisa Marie and this is the one that I made.  I broke down and bought another “Patchsmith” pattern.  I love her designs.


This is the mugrug that I received from Gail in Missouri. So beautiful and I am using it all the time! Thanks Gail!



And what would a quilting post be without a cat?



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