Machine quilting lows and applique highs

I have been busy…busy making a mess.  I have discovered that anchoring a quilt causes puckers; leaving no room for quilting to go and it is sort of bothersome because I have to take out the pleats.

IMG_5868If any of you know a way to let air in so-to-speak, I would be grateful.

It does look nice though:

IMG_5877…from far away.

I am still working on my Nature’s Journey and I am having fun:

IMG_5903These have yet to be appliqued and I am pleased with the results.  I am so playing in my scraps and love reaching in and seeing what I have.  I found “appliquick” fusible and I like it better than the “pellon,” shich is not fusible.  It is lighter and softer.   Now to get April’s blocks done.


2 thoughts on “Machine quilting lows and applique highs”

  1. Love the appliques, now I know why we should always save scraps. 🙂 as for letting air in…..I’m thinking….for the moment no idea is coming to mind. 😦

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