Oh my! Too long!

Way too long but now I am on summer vacation so I can get caught up on the things that I let slide.

I have been busy, between training and running a marathon in May and working on that Quilt 😉 It is finished! I finished a 108 inch X 108 inch quilt…machine quilted it on my domestic 😉 Yay me! It was gifted to my best friend and I think that she appreciated it.  I know that I sure enjoyed making it for her.  The whole process was a learning experience!

Grand illusion

I have been doing a lot of handwork, hexagons and my “Hatched and Patched” Nature’s Journey quilt.  Here is my update on that:

Pegs quilt 1

This is Part 3.  I need to rework the stems and finish appliqueing.

Pegs quilt 2

Part 4! I really enjoyed making that grandmother’s garden block! Still more handwork for applique but so happy to have the prep work done!

Pegs quilt 3

Part 5!  those patchwork circles were a delight to do.  I also embroidered the head and legs onto my ladybugs.  Can you tell that they are ladybugs?

I will do my best to blog a bit more! I just need to find more hours in the day! 😉


4 thoughts on “Oh my! Too long!”

  1. great prep work on your NJ blocks……they look great….hope we see them finished soon………..
    lovely quilt for your friend………

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