November 1st (Day 1)

I’ve noticed that Blogher has an event of posting every day for the month of November.  Since my blog has been lacking, I am going to have a go.  My goals for November:

  • blog every day
  • create every day and post some part of it
  • find my voice
  • share
  • make new friends
  • visit other blogs

I created today and it was in my plan. What wasn’t in my plan was that the power went out.  Just as I went into my sewing room, the power left so my plans changed.  It was about 3pm and here in my part of the country, with the time change, it got dark pretty quickly.  I put on my portable OTT light and basted hexagons:


And these were some of my hexies for grandmother’s garden:


I take part in a 1-inch hexagon themed exchange, making 12 for each participant.  I have already filled a jar and have started a second one. Hexagon prepping is mindless and when I am tired, it is nice to do and then have something to show.

Do you hexagon? Are you interested in exchanging? If yes, let me know!

Until tomorrow!


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