New finds and prepping March!


Look what I found at the local Dollarama! These are 7-inch boxes.  the whimiscal-sewn hearts told me that they would be cut in my sewing room.  The 7 inches is perfect to house my Splendid Sampler 6 1/2-inch blocks!


The box opens up from the middle an voila; instant block storage.  Now I may have to return and the the smaller size for my six-word memoir blocks…just might have to ;).

I prepped my March hexagons for my exchange.  Ready to stitch in quiet moments while watchng tv!


This month is a starry theme.  Now to stitch some applique.  Later!

Some handpiecing

IMG_7647 (1)

Back at the start of 2014, my friend Jen and I decided to start a new project.  It was to be a quilt and it was to be all handpieced.  My friend Jen is the queen of portable projects and she handpieces all the time.  So, we were inspired by a hexagon surrounded by three rectangles on all sides and triangles in the corner.  It is a project that is still in the works but we simply call it our 20-14 project.

This is the pattern and here is a sampling:


The summer of 2014 found me cutting out 1476 rectangles; all from my stash!  This was so much fun!


Prepping and always being prepared to handstitch, wherever and whenever!  Not sure when we will finish but sure is a great project to hone handpiecing skills.  Oh…we will be doing embroidery in some of the hexagons.  I will be doing redwork!  Total handwork and probably a heirloom! 🙂

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A pleasant (planned) late birthday celebration!

AMAZING! My friend is amazing.  My birthday was in December and she has been sitting on all these secrets.  That is Jen in the rocking chair with the big rubbermaid container and inside she had all the gifts.  So much and so thoughtful! This was the icing on the cake:


THIS is called “Grace”  It is a pattern that is on my list.  170 miniature hexies and more than 170 diamonds.  She hand stitched the hexies and then hand stitched them together! Too funny her presentation:

I am still in awe of it all! I am still similing.  Look at these placemats!


Amazing! And yes I like blue.

This was a much-appreciated pick-me-up and I am so thankful of my friendship.  Thank you so much Jen!


Still passionate about Hexies!

When I have down time I pull out my hexies:


My hexie station while I am at home, in my tray.  When I leave, I pop them in my bag and I am all set!

I have been exchanging Hexagons for over a year and every month we have a theme and I make 12 of the theme for anywhere of 6-9 others.  Here is part of my collection:


I know! CRAZY! This is only some of them.  I am making grandmother’s garden  flowers to be sewn together into a huge quilt! So much fun.

Here is my partner in crime! 😉  Jennifer.  She is a hexie princess and is into the madness too!IMG_7494

Off to stitch!