Still passionate about Hexies!

When I have down time I pull out my hexies:


My hexie station while I am at home, in my tray.  When I leave, I pop them in my bag and I am all set!

I have been exchanging Hexagons for over a year and every month we have a theme and I make 12 of the theme for anywhere of 6-9 others.  Here is part of my collection:


I know! CRAZY! This is only some of them.  I am making grandmother’s garden  flowers to be sewn together into a huge quilt! So much fun.

Here is my partner in crime! 😉  Jennifer.  She is a hexie princess and is into the madness too!IMG_7494

Off to stitch!


5 thoughts on “Still passionate about Hexies!”

  1. Too cute Peg. Princess eh? I admit that I love my hexies. Example; yesterday I went down to Maine to visit clients and guess what I did when I was not driving? Can you guess? HEXIES! Additive! !!!

  2. I have the same box as you. I take it to the bus, perfect width. Now I need to get back to my EPP project, I stop at fall when the sunlight went down.

  3. I seem to have one of these plastic boxes for all my portable projects ;)..My one for hexies is jammed full and my new one for 20-14 is starting to gather more things. The perfect size to take with us!

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