Some handpiecing

IMG_7647 (1)

Back at the start of 2014, my friend Jen and I decided to start a new project.  It was to be a quilt and it was to be all handpieced.  My friend Jen is the queen of portable projects and she handpieces all the time.  So, we were inspired by a hexagon surrounded by three rectangles on all sides and triangles in the corner.  It is a project that is still in the works but we simply call it our 20-14 project.

This is the pattern and here is a sampling:


The summer of 2014 found me cutting out 1476 rectangles; all from my stash!  This was so much fun!


Prepping and always being prepared to handstitch, wherever and whenever!  Not sure when we will finish but sure is a great project to hone handpiecing skills.  Oh…we will be doing embroidery in some of the hexagons.  I will be doing redwork!  Total handwork and probably a heirloom! 🙂

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network!



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