Do you use one? What is your threader method?

I ran into problems this week and I realized that I really can’t get by without one.

Here is my collection:


My preferred one is:


Is is/was my trusty clover, however it doesn’t seem to work anymore.  One time it works, the next few times it doesn’t.  So:


I keep trying with these but to no avail :(…yep Jen, still not working for me. So:


Back to basics, however, the wire on these so fine that they seem to break 😦 So:


I stocked up on wire needle threaders and bought a new clover desk threader and:


I picked up these needles and reused my old clover needle threader and lo and behold,  it works, so now I have a spare clover and back ups and these needles are perfect for hexing and applique.

What is your preference? Do you know something that I don’t know?


3 thoughts on “Threaders”

  1. I used a threader for awhile bit found it only liked certain needles…… I currently don’t use one but I do have the dark light pink one here in one of your pics……… Goodluck there is not much more frustrating then trying to thread a needle…..

  2. On the wire threader put a spot of super glue on the spot where the wires are attached and they last a lot longer. For the sew line I am smiling Peg. We have to get you a new one because yours was bent a bit so that maybe the problem .

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