I want to quilt this 100-5-inch block square quilt.  This is ready to go and I want to start but not sure how. I don’t want to take away from the focal point of the words/messages.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to quilt the squares. I am working on a domestic and I do have the westalee rulers so was thinking of that.

Do I start in the middle?

Do I really need to anchor it? I quilted another quilt and when I anchored it I had trouble with puckering.

So may questions but I really want to get this done!

This quilt is a compilation of 6-word memoirs that my students write.  I am making a series of smaller quilts and it is an ongoing project.



3 thoughts on “Conundrum”

  1. Myself I don’t see the need to book, I saw your last one. Why don’t pick a center line and stitch from bottom to top, then take the next line and stitch from top to bottom.

  2. My go-to is diagonal lines and I think it would look great on this quilt. It would go over the words in the quilt (corner to corner both directions) but I do not think it would take anything away from them. When I do diagonal lines, I do not anchor the quilt. I would start in one corner with the longest line first, then do at least 2 more on either side of that line. After about 5 rows, I would move to the other corner on the same edge and do the same thing. For these rows, I would not alternate the stitching direction. I would always start along the same edge so that all the shifting happens at one end. After those long rows are established, the quilt is secure at all 4 corners and the center. You can then fill in the remaining rows going either direction. This strategy has worked well for me in the past. Since your quilt is all squares, you would not need to do any marking and your ruler can help keep your lines straight. Good luck.

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