A little middle of the night sewing

P1020233.JPGLittle fishies.

I was rearranging some drawers yesterday and I came across this little row by row project. I couldn’t sleep last night and I finished putting it together.  I will make a little table runner with it I think.

Every time I sit in my living room chair I pick up my hand stitching and I am making progress on my grandmother’s garden hexagon quilt.  I decided to start attaching a few into rows to see even more progress:

P1020228.JPGI so love stitching this and I am getting better in the corners.

Here is the back:


I started to take out the paper because I read somewhere that it is better to take them out as you go because at the end it is a chore.

Just thought that I would post my portable tray.  I use it all the time and really saves the always-have-to-pick-up-after-myself.P1020230.JPG

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “A little middle of the night sewing”

  1. I should get out my hexi project and do something with it. I got discouraged when the colours didn’t come together nicely so put it aside for some thinking time. That was a few years ago. Lol.

  2. You do that Judy and make it your portable project. I have mine in different stages and even though I have a beautiful quilted bags, I always have my trusty ziplock bag with the grandmother’s garden necessities 🙂

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