Ode to my best friend

Ode to Jennifer Giberson.  To one person, she was his life partner (Dany). To another she was his mother (Sam Uel).  To yet another, she was her mother-in-law (Émilie B-c). To others she was a sister and to parents, a daughter.   To others, she was a daughter in-law, a sister-in-law, an aunt and  a godmother.  To many others she was a colleague and yet to many more she was a friend, a most generous friend with time and genuine interest to give.   To me, she was my best friend and  she lost her battle with cancer.  She fought and boy did she fight hard.  Each day since June 6th when she was given a final diagnosis of no more treatment, she opened her eyes each morning and relished the new day.  Even if that new day included pain, it also included all the little things life is; 

– the birds on the patio, where she loved to sit as long as she could, to the point of falling asleep

–  the numerous amount of visitors who came by to keep her company and reminisce with her,

–  the portable hexagon project that kept advancing little by little because stitching was her therapy

– the rare spinning on the spindle when her arm could take it

– just looking at the wool in her basket, oh those colourful skeins, so vibrant, just like Jen.

– enjoying the site of her bulletin board, full of cards, pictures, and momentos

– the act of getting dressed EVERY DAY set as a priority

– Burger King  and Pizza Maximum

– her portable oooooooooooooms quilt, which she read and re read 

– the always smiling face for whoever, walked in the room, doctors, nurses and of course those many visitors

– the chattering or as we always called it, yakking

– wearing a red dress 

– taking a ride in the antique car

– little picnics with visitors

– the many stickers and texts 

– surprise visits from son

– red jello and strawberry milkshakes

The list goes on and on and really, how she lived these last two months is not as different to how she lived her life before she got sick.  Life was around her and in the present.  One of the many things that I take away from Jen is that life is is to be experienced and to be grateful  for.  Jennifer’s absolute optimism was her greatest strength.   Being positive because positivity was  like gas for her. It got her so far.   Being kind is also high on the Jen list; so many things that I take from her.   She gave us a lesson in dying ; an important lesson.

I miss her already. RIP my dear friend.  Jen, my angel,  is on my shoulder now, ready to push and prod me when I need it.  Thank you.

For those who don’t know how much Jen liked fiber, here is her blog: https://jensplayground.wordpress.com

Jen was my greatest quilting buddy and my most “fibery” friend.

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6 thoughts on “Ode to my best friend”

  1. Sincere condolences in the loss of your beloved friend- this is a beautiful tribute to her- may the comforting hands of others bring solace to you and those who loved her in the days ahead.Warmest regards

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