Ho ho ho…


My advent calendar.  My friend Jen spun and knit these beautiful minature mittens for me.  They have such meaning for me since she passed away this summer.  Each day I put up one mitten, counting down to the 25th.   This year I found these beautiful gold light garlands and I have incorporated them with the mittens.  Every night I hang a mitten and turn on the lights.

mittens 2

So beautiful.  And yes,  those are miniature hexagon ornaments.

I have been keeping busy making small things.

christmas pockets

I am making these cute origami pockets.  They are such fin to make.

I have also pulled out my scraps and relaxed by doing foundation piecing:

wild and goosey

They are called “wild and goosey” blocks by Bonnie Hunter.  Just pulling out scraps.  I decided to use the same white in all of the blocks. I need a lot of blocks because it takes 4 miniature blocks for one block and then they will be sashed! The little houses are me miniature houses resurrected! For each 4 miniature “wild and goosy” blocks, I make one house.  I want 365 of these houses.

Of course a quilter with a cat is never alone:

salem in scraps

Until next time.  Happy quilting!

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