A Bittersweet Gift

sweet jenny 1.jpg

I’ve written about the passing of my best friend, Jen.  She passed last July and the year before she passed, she bought her dream sewing machine, a HQ Sweet Sixteen:


She was over the moon with it.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would inherit this beauty! Never. 5 months after she bought the machine Jen was diagnosed with liver cancer and she didn’t make it.  She was such a trooper and so strong-willed but that damn cancer took over.  She left her machine and most of her quilting stash to me. It has taken time but I picked up “Sweet Jenny” this week-end. I find the name fitting and I also find that I have big shoes to fill ;).  If you know Jennifer, than you know that she just jumped in and did things, unlike me.  I am sure that she will be with me every step of the way!

Here are her new digs:

sweet jenny 3.jpg

I threaded her this morning and took my first stitches and I am giddy with excitement. Such a wonderful gift with so much future.

As I was going through Jen’s room, we found her “snippet” jar.  She always saved her snippets for me.  There were some scraps lying around and we just stuffed the jar silly ;).

sweet jenny 2

Here is to friendship:


5 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Gift”

  1. OH Peg, It is indeed bitter sweet but what a wonderful gift- it is a beautiful machine- (one that I am dreaming of owning- I know your friend , Jenn, would be thrilled to see the joy that you will get from creating beautiful quilts on it. She would have wanted it to be used by someone who would treasure it. It truly is a gift of love.. I can hardly wait to see all the beautiful quilts you will finish on it. I am sure you will feel her sewing and creating along with you as you stitch your quilts.

    Warmest regards,


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