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5th block

Here is the 5th block…translated, means “first smile”…I don’t know why the picture is backwards.  Anyhow, this is the left side of the blanket.

block 5 - roll over


Finally a post…

I’ve been busy, but I have been stitching J.  I have two pictures to upload, so I’ll do two posts.  I’ve made a design change in the blanket.  Instead of stitching a box around the bear I have widened the area and then stitched blocks down the side on each side of the blanket.

Here is the right side…block #4:

 block 4

The translation is crawling…and what is on the left bottom is the middle block…so the 4th and 5th blocks are on just above, on both sides of the middle block.  I like the blocks on either side.

1st Baby Bear block finished….


…7 more to go.  I’ve decided to backstitch each block as I go along.  Don’t look too closely for mistakes.  Now I am working on a buttonhole sample….for this week’s Take a Stitch Tuesday.  I still haven’t had time to check out other participant’s sites…but I should get there tomorrow, or even later tonight.Now to fix my frame for my next block…and maybe start a few stitches, just get it going. 

It’s nice to get back to cross stitching.  It is relaxing.  I am all set up with my magnifying light and scroll.  I wouldn’t mind to get a stand for my scroll, a one foot stand…I can dream.

New Year new me?

….not really, but I do want to follow “flylady” quite a bit. I cleaned my house from top to bottom for Christmas and I want to continue.

 Tomorrow is Take a Stitch Tuesday.  I am eager to start that.  I hope that I’ll be able to finish the year’s challenge.  It is only Monday here and I just checked the site and I must do the Herringbone stitch…should be relatively easy….I know this one.

 The following is from Sharon’s site:


After all the drama with technical difficulties in the last week or so it is good to settle down with a cuppa and be writing about stitching. As you can see the first stitch for the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge is Herringbone stitch. This engagingly simple stitch is considered one of the basic stitches but like all the basic stitches it is extremely versatile.

Herringbone can be used to hold down other threads, (couching) or you can weave threads through it. In this sample I worked herringbone in hand dyed DMC pearl 5 on linen. The top row is laced with a pearl thread, the next row is laced with a rayon ribbon floss, the third row has a metallic braid woven through the top section of the stitch. The bottom row is double herringbone was worked in hand dyed crochet cotton and has been tied with small straight stitches.


Herringbone stitch combines well with other stitches. Simply working a row of herringbone and a row of Chevron stitch then adding further decoration to the top of the chevron stitch creates a good seam embellishment in crazy quilting.


Rows of herringbone can be stacked one on top of another. The next sample is worked on Lynda 27 cnt. The first row is double herringbone worked close together. The second line of embroidery, consists of three rows of closely spaced herringbone stitch, worked in DMC pearl threads

The final row on this sampler is a single line of herringbone which has been tied with small straight stitches. The row was worked using DMC pearl 5 thread.

heringbone stitch tied

Stacking rows of herringbone can create interesting patterns. This sample is tied herringbone worked in DMC pearl 8 thread.


Herringbone is a useful stitch for building up patterns. It can be stacked in a number ways and you can make use of the spaces created between the stitches to create a secondary pattern. This sample was worked on hand dyed Aida and the herringbone was interspersed with crossed stitches.


In this sample I simply added some beads to the spaces in between the stitch.

herringbone stitch

Herringbone can be worked diagonally too! It is simple if you stop and think about it as you simply step each stitch downward working on a right angle line along the row. As the each stitch steps downward it builds up a very interesting pattern across the cloth.

herringbone sttich 3
changing the size of individual stitches can also produce some interesting results.

herringbone stitch

By changing the size of the stitch you can also create the impression of a curve. This sample is worked on hand dyed Aida cloth which has a hard grid like structure but simply by changing the size of the stitch a curve is created.

Herringbone is often seen on crazy quilt blocks. In this crazy quilt block I have used threaded herringbone to couch down some ribbon.

I often treat a foundation row of herringbone as a base for weaving a second thread in and out of the V shapes. You can see two rows of this technique employed on this 8 inch crazy quilt block.

There are numerous examples of herringbone stitch being used in Crazy quilting throughout my site. Last year as part of the 100 details in 100 days series I highlighted herringbone stitch on day 4, day 11 , day 43, day 59, day 61, day 65, day 71, day 93 and day 94.

The challenge is to try out the stitch on any fabric you choose and using any thread you choose. See what you can come up with and experiment with variations. Some ideas include could include to see what it looks like layered, stacked and repeated. See what it looks like laced with thicker threads and see what patterns you can discover by changing the spacing and stacking herringbone in different ways. See how many different ways to work this stitch you can think of. Post images on your blog or flickr site I will be looking forward to seeing what everyone does with the stitch and doing a link round up next Tuesday.

The challenge is on! What can you do with Herringbone?

I hope you don’t mind that I copied and pasted the info Sharon, but I have telephone connection and I really want to be able to see the information regularly.

 I think that I will go get my act together and see what I will do with this stitch.


Another try…at blogging


Well, I’ve tried blogger and had trouble getting a three column page without spending scads of time fiddling, so I’m trying wordpress

 I also want to try uploading a picture or two.  I really need to get a decent digital camera to take pictures of my Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge.

 This is what I am stitching right now.  This is the first teddybear, I have four to six more to do.  This will be a receiving blanket, a very nice blanket.