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Finally a post…

I’ve been busy, but I have been stitching J.  I have two pictures to upload, so I’ll do two posts.  I’ve made a design change in the blanket.  Instead of stitching a box around the bear I have widened the area and then stitched blocks down the side on each side of the blanket.

Here is the right side…block #4:

 block 4

The translation is crawling…and what is on the left bottom is the middle block…so the 4th and 5th blocks are on just above, on both sides of the middle block.  I like the blocks on either side.

1st Baby Bear block finished….


…7 more to go.  I’ve decided to backstitch each block as I go along.  Don’t look too closely for mistakes.  Now I am working on a buttonhole sample….for this week’s Take a Stitch Tuesday.  I still haven’t had time to check out other participant’s sites…but I should get there tomorrow, or even later tonight.Now to fix my frame for my next block…and maybe start a few stitches, just get it going. 

It’s nice to get back to cross stitching.  It is relaxing.  I am all set up with my magnifying light and scroll.  I wouldn’t mind to get a stand for my scroll, a one foot stand…I can dream.