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Jen and me.

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Jen’s motivational quilt

It has been way too long and so many things happening in my life.  Above is what is my life right now.  Jen, my best friend has liver cancer and she is in palliative care and is happy to wake up and open her eyes to each new day that is a bonus for her.  She was told on June 5th that there was nothing more to do with her cancer and she has been showing them otherwise since, albeit there are some better days than others.  She is rallying and with so many who love her, how can she not.

The quilt above is a quilt that I made for her and I gave just before the awful news of June 5th.  I started it at the beginning of  April by giving blocks to Jen’s friends who wanted to giver her words of motivation.  I gave the border pieces to her family and colleagues.  I gave them sharpies and told them to write away.  I wanted Jen to know that she had lots of people on her side.

She loved it and is still loving it.  It is on her every day and shows her that she is loved.  So, this is my life right now; being there for her.

While I am with her, I am working on my own life long project:

peg gfg1.jpg

My grandmother’s garden hexagon quilt.  I have a lot of flowers done and I sit and stitch them while I am with Jen and when I am at home thinking of Jen.  I have to make 100 of these.  Right now they are very therapeutic.

Life is short…too short.