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Love Letter pillow

I made a pillow for my son’s girlfriend. A pillow which has an envelope sewn into it. I saw a Kaye Woods program and thought that I would give it a try….I didn’t have the pattern, just taking notes from the demonstration. I have ordered the pattern because I would like to make more of these.

My son bought a heart necklace for his girlfriend’s birthday, and I offered to make this so that he can give her the heart in the envelope…;)….mothers and sons…we gotta help them start on the road to romanticism. If it isn’t us who shows them the ropes…

1st picture: envelope closed.

loveletter closed

love letter with envelope open:

loveletter open


Amish Diamond

Amish DiamondI made up a block for a block lotto that I’m taking part in. I must admit, I think that I go wrong with my cutting. I am still not experienced in cutting….for example, do I place the lines of the ruler directly on the edge of the material or on the outside or inside. Does anyone who reads my blog know where to find this information on cutting or does it come with experience?

Quilted Wallhanging picture frame

Well, here is my latest WIP….a quilted wallhanging picture frame.  I am very much building my skills….everything from cutting to getting the 1/4 stitch down even to stippling.  I have never done any stippling and I am quite happy with the outcome.  I am glad that this wallhanging is for me, because I keep running my fingers over the quilting :).


The three pictures are from left to right…my sister (in front of Charing Cross Library), my immediate family….inlaws, because I live in their region, and third…my Québecois husband….dressed for St.Jean Baptiste day….complete with fleur de lys boxers, Molson Ex beer and The “Canadians” t-shirt and baseball hat.