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A romp through the TAST blogs….

…and checking out the detached chain samples for the TAST, Take a Stitch Challenge.  Here’s what I have been seeing!  So many creative ideas.

 Judith finished up a ufo by incorporating the detached
chain stitch on small heart cushions…also using sequins…verra nice.

Purple Missus  does a lot of dying! Wow!

Françoise of creatilfun did a lot of samples.  I really like the
one with the french knots, cross stitch and lazy daisies.  It looks so dreamy.

I’ve been back to frogstich’s blog and shes stitched up a jumble of coloured detached stitches which look so coooool! 

 Karin Hammel has made a colourful ball with the stitches and she used special german thread.  So nice. Karin, you could call this Painter’s Palette. (needlefelting)

Odile stitched up  a sheep…the possibilities are endless.
Magpie’s designs are so intricate.  I’m waiting on word back from her if she is incorporating the design into her crazy quilt wall hanging. 

I forget Mariyarn’s name, sorry :(….but she stitched up a small bouquet, made with detached stitch with ordinary embroidery floss, and the leaves made with a fraying ribbon.  She mentiioned that the flowerpot is a stitch from Primrose Design´s blog who has a small stitch school.  I’ll have to check it out and put the link in here.

Charlene stitched up a beautiful peacock.  She printed up a photo of peacock and used it to create her own pattern design….onto silk.  She even used hand-dyed silk and seed beads. 

I went back to dawn’s place and she has elaborated  on the herringbone stitch.

Ati is doing her samples on crazy quilting…so nice. and she also made a bauble bag.   I have never seen one and it seems so complicated.

I hope you don’t mind Ati, but I want to admire the bag and check it out, so I’ve posted your picture here….let me know if you want me to take it down. Everytime I tried to post a comment on your site, my computer froze up. 

Ati’s baublebag

So where do I find a pattern  for a bauble bag? Isn’t it neat?

Well, I kind of feel like Sharon here, but I really want to see as much as I can.  I am learning so much here. 



Detached chain stitch card for the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge

Week 3 - Detached Chain Stitch

For this week’s Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge, I stitched up a little flower to put into a tri-fold card.  It turned out quite nicely and it worked up in an evening.  It contains the:* Detached chain stitch (flowers)

* Satin Stitch (leaves)…I’m proud of myself.  This is really the first time that I have done this stitch.

* Chain stitch (stem)

* French knot (buds)…this is my favourite stitch…besides cross stitch.

I’ve checked out  Galynn’s stitches…working on felt and putting the stitches all in a bunch.

I will check out more this week-end.  Stitching is so much fun 🙂

My lame attempt…

at the buttonhole for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. …I was not inspired to create.  I may have looked too much at others’ outcomes and couldn’t come up with anything….I did three rows of the buttonhole stitch…I will continue with my practicing…especially the first line.  What I really liked this week was all the reading and researching I did for embroidery.  I live in a French area so my resources tend to be in French so I am learning my French embroidery terms.  I’ll have to visit a few of our French bloggers a little more often.  I have a very old series of needlework books and they have beautiful embroidery designs and how-tos…I had never taken the time to go through them but as part of looking up the buttonhole stitch I did…and it just furthers my interest at practicing more than just cross stitch. 

 Speaking of cross stitch. I am well into my 2nd block…a teddy bear standing.  I should be finished this week-end! I am really rolling.

Here is my lame piece:

Week 2 TAST - Buttonhole

What I found difficult about doing these short lines was the starting off and getting to the 2nd stitch…it is really not that evident.

So, now on to week 3…I hope that I am a little more creative.

I went looking at buttonhole stitching

As I was updating my list of Take A Stitch Tuesday participants, I checked out a few of this week’s samples.

I really like frogstitch’s buttonhole interpretation of the northern lights. Grandmaziki has come up with the same theory as me…hardanger embroidery is full of the buttonhole stitch and so pretty. 

I started to check out gunnelsvensson stitching, but my computer crashed, so that’s enough for tonight.  I still don’t know what I will  stitch.  I liked the idea of ATC cards frogstitch. 




Shadow work flower

herringbone flower

I just finished my herringbone sample.  I tried shadow work on white organza and I think it looks pretty cool.  On the hoop it didn’t look tooooooooooo shadowy, but when I took it off the hoop, sheesh, it looked all shadowy! :).  I could make it into a pot pourri cushion, that’s what is suggested in the magazine I found the idea from.  I found the shadow work directions in the UK Needlecraft August 1997 edition.  But I think that I will put it into a card.  I think that might be a neat way to collect all these samples. 

Any ideas for what to do with it now?

Note, Above is the front, the herringbone stitches are on the back and the the backstitches going around the petals are on the front of the organza….making the shadowy effect.  This is the backside….flowerback

Shadow work

I’m working on my herringbone stitch.  I am doing a shadow work piece….stitching a design on organza…stitching on the back of the material to produce a shadowy effect on the right side.  Has anyone heard of this technique?  I’ll post a picture before Tuesday. I don’t want to be late for this one. I have gone to a few sites to check out what everyone’s been up to, but haven’t had time to really check everything out.  Some nice handwork.

I’ve gone back to work and between work and keeping the house up and preparing a few boxes for mailing I am eager for some free time this week-end to stitch.