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Sunday’s Baptism

Well, today we have a baptism to go to. My nephew, my one and only on my husband’s side of the family. I really wanted to finish a special gift for him, a portrait photo BUT….my surgery took precedence (sp?) so now it is a UFO. For a gift I ended up getting a small memorybox, from the willow company. It has a family molded onto it, Mother, Father, Older sister and younger brother….just perfect I think for putting those little family treasures in. I also got a little Nike outfit ;)….couldn’t reseist. I also got the token baptism giftee….kind of looks like a paperweight, with a litle boy praying.

Not too long ago I cross stitched a baby bib for an acquaintance’s granddaughter, I did two for the above baby but didn’t take any pictures…so in the spirit of babies, here is the recent bib. I also want to start posting my pictures of the crafting I do.  I hadn’t really noticed just how much I do.

Nayla's bib
Narella's bb

I love these bibs from Charlescraft and I usually make them for my friends and relatives. I would really like to make my own from start to finish but it is the cross stitch band that is inserted into them that gives me the trouble.

Time to get going…a little stitching and then out for the day.

Happy Stitching,