I want to quilt this 100-5-inch block square quilt.  This is ready to go and I want to start but not sure how. I don’t want to take away from the focal point of the words/messages.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to quilt the squares. I am working on a domestic and I do have the westalee rulers so was thinking of that.

Do I start in the middle?

Do I really need to anchor it? I quilted another quilt and when I anchored it I had trouble with puckering.

So may questions but I really want to get this done!

This quilt is a compilation of 6-word memoirs that my students write.  I am making a series of smaller quilts and it is an ongoing project.




I started with this:


My christmas quilt.  Jen and I put this on my frame back in January and I really haven’t had time to work on it. So I pulled it out.  I also got out all my tools:

So I started to quilt on the frame and I like to quilt coming towards me and since I am just a budding handquilter, I was having difficulty going sideways.  I am stitching in the ditch around the stem:


I can’t wait to use my christmas stencils as fillers!  So, back to the dilemma.  I took the quilt off the frame.  Sorry Jen.  It is in the hoop and it is really relaxing to stitch:


I think that it will be better this way. I will be able to take it with me when I visit Jen.  On her good days she can give me tips.  She is the queen of handquilting.  I just love watching her hands quilt. She is the one who taught me. We handquilted a quilt together a few years ago. It was so fun:

julie quilt finished 003

Memories! Good memories! Quilty Jen memories.  So, now I am back to handquilting.

It has been ages, but I am going to link up with The Needle and Thread Network


jen 1


jen 2

Jen and me.

jen finished

Jen’s motivational quilt

It has been way too long and so many things happening in my life.  Above is what is my life right now.  Jen, my best friend has liver cancer and she is in palliative care and is happy to wake up and open her eyes to each new day that is a bonus for her.  She was told on June 5th that there was nothing more to do with her cancer and she has been showing them otherwise since, albeit there are some better days than others.  She is rallying and with so many who love her, how can she not.

The quilt above is a quilt that I made for her and I gave just before the awful news of June 5th.  I started it at the beginning of  April by giving blocks to Jen’s friends who wanted to giver her words of motivation.  I gave the border pieces to her family and colleagues.  I gave them sharpies and told them to write away.  I wanted Jen to know that she had lots of people on her side.

She loved it and is still loving it.  It is on her every day and shows her that she is loved.  So, this is my life right now; being there for her.

While I am with her, I am working on my own life long project:

peg gfg1.jpg

My grandmother’s garden hexagon quilt.  I have a lot of flowers done and I sit and stitch them while I am with Jen and when I am at home thinking of Jen.  I have to make 100 of these.  Right now they are very therapeutic.

Life is short…too short.

Happy New Year 2017!

I have been long gone but I am still creating.  Life gets in the way and no there are no excuses.  I hope to post more and to start me off I have chosen to make my first post a thank you post to my dear friend Jen.

It was my birthday not long ago and Jen came over last Friday to give me all sorts of goodies! I am so lucky to have such a quilty, fibery, wooly friend.  Check out what she gave me.  All of it so thoughtfully presented!

This is the loot.  Everything was in the emoji bag!


First up, this set of crocheted, corded, dyed and stuffed accessories. I have so been using the pincushion that goes over the edge of the table.  The oval basket has been put to good use beside my armchair!


A book about drawing because this past autumn I started drawing lessons!img_9073Of course she gave me material! Everything was wrapped in this material! So thoughtful!


A beautiful lined hat with owls going around it! She spun and knit the wool! She says there are bumps but I don’t see them ;). Do you?img_9075

Check out the card! She bought it at a craft fair but didn’t want to spoil it by writing in it ;).img_9077

Just beautiful the card! Gives me some ideas!img_9078

And each gift had little notes attached, giving me messages and telling me jokes!img_9079

More notes! Thanks Jen! 😉img_9080 I am definitely spoiled by Jen.  You should check out her blog!  She is so creative!

And what is a start to a year without a new project!

img_9098I made to embroidery pieces, one for Jen and one for me.  We are stitching everyday! I got the idea from  Sara at Brown Paper  Bag blog: started later than the first but actually it took me a bit of time to set it up.  I gifted Jen with her own kit! It is fun to stitch everyday.

I am going to do my stitching and then head for bed! Here is hoping that I will be back properly!



Do you use one? What is your threader method?

I ran into problems this week and I realized that I really can’t get by without one.

Here is my collection:


My preferred one is:


Is is/was my trusty clover, however it doesn’t seem to work anymore.  One time it works, the next few times it doesn’t.  So:


I keep trying with these but to no avail :(…yep Jen, still not working for me. So:


Back to basics, however, the wire on these so fine that they seem to break 😦 So:


I stocked up on wire needle threaders and bought a new clover desk threader and:


I picked up these needles and reused my old clover needle threader and lo and behold,  it works, so now I have a spare clover and back ups and these needles are perfect for hexing and applique.

What is your preference? Do you know something that I don’t know?

Sewing, Reading, Quilting, Embroidery(ing :) ), Running, Writing, Weaving…and the list goes on and on and on…