STITCHMAYNIA DAYS 25-26-27-28-29-30-31

I did kind of fall off the stitchmaynia posting bandwagon, but my computer takes forever to load pictures, so I waited and then I reformatted my computer. So here is my progress:

I did do all stitchmaynia, as per plan. I had to exchange a few projects but I stitched everyday.

Day 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Since it was the 25th, I decided to dig into my miniature ornament box and start stiching stockings:

Day 26: OWLFOREST Stitch-A-long. I am really loving this one!

Day 27: This, I think is my oldest WIP. All I really need to do is the back stitch and then get if off the frame and into a little quiltlet.

Day 28: I had a little trouble starting this one because it is supposed to be on white. I didn’t like it on white so I dyed my fabric red. It is an embroidery kit that I picked up. It has 25 cute miniature motifs. I like it on the red!

Ah! Day 29, Sampler Day I was itching to start this: Jane Austen. I found the pattern in an old “Gift of Stitching” magazine. I am seriously thinking of buying the rest of these magazines. I am doing it in class colourworks on 32-count linen. “There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort” rings true for this homebody.

Day 30, Sunday, is always my temperature calendar. We are starting to get some warm temperatures, so some more oranges.

Day 31: GRAND FINALE and my start to a lifelong project, I think.

A Stitch In Time AS

This is called “A stitch in Time.” It is from Heaven and Earth designs. I chose the regular one and I am doing it on 25-count evenweave. There are over 100 colours. I am doing it one over one and I am going cross-country.

So, I IDID IT! I did Stitchmaynia 2021. Now I am organizing my sewing room or as my husband has been calling it of late, my “domain.” I am a teacher and vacation starts on Friday…YAY! YAY! YAY!

Now my blog will feature my other non-cross stitch loves!

Happy Stitching and creating!


I am still going strong. Today’s stitch is a repeat. It is my stitch along by Owl forest embroidery.

I am still on part #1. I really am enjoying the delicacy of stitching on linen.

Tomorrow is the 25th so it will be the start of a little Christmas project.

My last week of stitchmaynia and I am staying so focused!

Happy Stitching and creating!

stitchmaynia Days 20 & 21

Another two-day-post in one day. Migraine again, but it didn’t impede from starting my stitchmaynia starts.

Yesterday was a new start and it may even be “vintage early 90’s” from the following book:

I am doing the January pattern and it will be dedicated to my late best friend Jen. Jen taught me how to hand quilt. I even have her hoop. This picture reminds me so much of her:

I started with the hoop and of course I am eager to get back to it!

TODAY was sampler day. I had plans to start a Jane Austen piece, but I want to use a special floss and it is still not here, Crescent Colors. I want to try some new flosses and this pattern calls for this floss. I hope that I will be able to stitch this next week, my last Saturday Sampler stitch.

So, instead today I started next week’s stitch and boy is it a whopper. It is so special but I can’t post a picture because it is for a certain person who may read my blog. So no picture, but know that I did start it, on 28-count Irish Linen-evenweave Lugana. So special!

Happy Stitching and creating!


I am still in the maynia! Yesterday was a small one and I stitched a lot on it. It was freebie from Ink Circles:

As I am stitching I am plotting and planning what to do with these small stitches which appeal to me.

Today was a new start and I ended up experimenting with dyeing. Here is the kit:

I have had this kit in my stash forever. It is on 14-count aida and the aida is that cream colour. I am not too fussy on the cream because if I want to finish this as a quilted wall-hanging, it is hard to match the fabric, so I went to my tintex drawer. I have never used tintex but I seem to collect the boxes of coloours; always saying “one day.” Well, today was the day. I picked what I thought was brown and this is the first result. I was looking for an “antiquey” soft brown. This wasn’t it but oh wow!

Isn’t that purple rich! I don’t think that my kit would work on it but now that I am thinking about it now; maybe.

Since I had no brown/tan dye, I went the tea dye route:

In the end, I am happy with my testing and results.

Here is what I ended up stitching:

It is still creamy but not stark.

Happy stitching and creating!

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