Finally….starting my hexagon quilt

This has been a summer of handwork for me.  My Nature’s Journey is starting to take shape and I am honing my applique skills through it.

I am also working on my hexagons.  I’ve been doing them for three summers now and have nothing to show for them…well…just 100s of them but all unattached.  IMG_3897

Container 1 of a few!

This is what I want to do.  I am posting the picture as well as the site.  I don’t have the pattern but this is my inspiration:

It is from Martha of “Q is for Quilter” I find the quilt is classic hexagon and will fit my hexagon swap collection. If you like classic traditional quilts then you will love visiting this site! So many gems and inspiration!  I have been swapping hexagons for over a year now and this project is the perfect project for them.

Here is my audition of centres:

grandmother garden plan

I like the effect.  I swap 12 a month with between 5-8 other swappers so I have a variety!

I was so gungho that last night I made one flower and then another this morning…don’t mind the mess, but that is my hexagon tray. Don’t you love trays?

grandmothers garden 1

I’ve been playing with threads, so if you have tips for sewing hexagons together  I would be gladly accept! I like the method of sewing all around like a donut, leaving one side undone, then sewing the middle hexie and to around and up! Love it! I’m hooked!

I am going to link up with The Needle and Thread Network.  It has been awhile and I really like the inspiration this great group of bloggers gives to me”  They are Canadian bloggers  and it is quite timely that I share this week because it is Canada Day tomorrow!

Oh my! Too long!

Way too long but now I am on summer vacation so I can get caught up on the things that I let slide.

I have been busy, between training and running a marathon in May and working on that Quilt ;) It is finished! I finished a 108 inch X 108 inch quilt…machine quilted it on my domestic ;) Yay me! It was gifted to my best friend and I think that she appreciated it.  I know that I sure enjoyed making it for her.  The whole process was a learning experience!

Grand illusion

I have been doing a lot of handwork, hexagons and my “Hatched and Patched” Nature’s Journey quilt.  Here is my update on that:

Pegs quilt 1

This is Part 3.  I need to rework the stems and finish appliqueing.

Pegs quilt 2

Part 4! I really enjoyed making that grandmother’s garden block! Still more handwork for applique but so happy to have the prep work done!

Pegs quilt 3

Part 5!  those patchwork circles were a delight to do.  I also embroidered the head and legs onto my ladybugs.  Can you tell that they are ladybugs?

I will do my best to blog a bit more! I just need to find more hours in the day! ;)

Machine quilting lows and applique highs

I have been busy…busy making a mess.  I have discovered that anchoring a quilt causes puckers; leaving no room for quilting to go and it is sort of bothersome because I have to take out the pleats.

IMG_5868If any of you know a way to let air in so-to-speak, I would be grateful.

It does look nice though:

IMG_5877…from far away.

I am still working on my Nature’s Journey and I am having fun:

IMG_5903These have yet to be appliqued and I am pleased with the results.  I am so playing in my scraps and love reaching in and seeing what I have.  I found “appliquick” fusible and I like it better than the “pellon,” shich is not fusible.  It is lighter and softer.   Now to get April’s blocks done.

Sewing, Reading, Quilting, Embroidery(ing :) ), Running, Writing, Weaving…and the list goes on and on and on…


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