Inheriting UFOs

As if I don’t have enough of my own UFOs ;). I have inherited my best friend’s quilting stash! It is bittersweet but it is so neat to touch her stuff and think of the great times we had.  I feel so privileged.  I am going to start with this quilt and add the sashing and borders that are left, however, I am wondering if it looks too bare and what or if I should add something more.

sam quilt.JPG

It is a quilt for her son.  I know that Jen (my friend) liked the idea of being reincarnated as a bear because of all the things that bears go through:

She even had the poem on the wall of her hospice room.

If anyone has any ideas, please share!

Here is the pattern:

sam quilt 2

ufo quote


A little craftiness for machine quilting


I want to machine quilt but my machine is not flush and I don’t want to make a hole in this desk so voila; machine quilting table hack.  In the first place I am going on a retreat in a few weeks and I did not want to spend so much money on a plexiglass table that is so small and the quilt gets caught on the corners (I have tried one out).  I found this tutorial and studied it for a few weeks and then today my husband, his friend and I took the plunge with $60 of styrofoam boards (2).


I put vinyl covering so that the material will glide easily and made a hole for the needle plate.


A large quilting area.


Judy from   I am now ready to quilt with my rulers.  :).


And it didn’t take long for one cat to find a comfortable place ;).  He will be removed shortly.

Now to figure out how to quilt this…joe quilt.JPG

Any ideas are welcome, especially for ruler work.

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So let’s get back to it!

Even though I don’t post too often I am always doing something creative.  I finally organized my 2017 hexagon swaps.  I participated in two groups; my guild and a facebook one.  In case you are interested in getting into collecting a variety of 1-inch hexies the facebook group is Let’s Get Hexied II – Group Hexie Swap


I put my hexies into this glass bowl; it is in my livingroom and I love looking at it! I just love dropping my hexies into it


The guild swap ladies were creative by tying ribbon around the hexie bundles. I will take them apart when I use them.  I am using them ;)…not just hoarding them.


A traditional hexagon quilt; Grandmother’s Garden.

Hexie on!

Ho ho ho…


My advent calendar.  My friend Jen spun and knit these beautiful minature mittens for me.  They have such meaning for me since she passed away this summer.  Each day I put up one mitten, counting down to the 25th.   This year I found these beautiful gold light garlands and I have incorporated them with the mittens.  Every night I hang a mitten and turn on the lights.

mittens 2

So beautiful.  And yes,  those are miniature hexagon ornaments.

I have been keeping busy making small things.

christmas pockets

I am making these cute origami pockets.  They are such fin to make.

I have also pulled out my scraps and relaxed by doing foundation piecing:

wild and goosey

They are called “wild and goosey” blocks by Bonnie Hunter.  Just pulling out scraps.  I decided to use the same white in all of the blocks. I need a lot of blocks because it takes 4 miniature blocks for one block and then they will be sashed! The little houses are me miniature houses resurrected! For each 4 miniature “wild and goosy” blocks, I make one house.  I want 365 of these houses.

Of course a quilter with a cat is never alone:

salem in scraps

Until next time.  Happy quilting!

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I Love Home Quilt

ilove home quilt 1

I finished block 2 of Jacquelene Steves “I Love Home Quilt” project.  It is such fun to spend time doing the embroidery and applique; all by hand and then piece tehe blocks together.  I really enjoy the mix.  The colours are looking clean and sharp.  Now to wait for the first Monday in October for the third block.

ilove home quilt

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Still creating; every day

I have been consistently stitching.  I am taking part in little stitcheries and love prepping them and finishing them.

Jacquelynne Steves “I Love Home” block of the month is so cute.  I am the ultimate homebody and this little project speaks to me.  So with a bit of stitching every day, the first block is done.  The second block comes out tomorrow and I am anxious to prep it.  Prepping makes it it so much easier to pick up and do. For the project I am following Alyssa Thomas’ lead,  using embroidery and applique.  Alyssa is live every evening through the week and she has a variety of projects.  She uses facebook live and the videos are uploaded to Youtube the next day.

My second little project is from Alyssa; “Craft a Happy Life.” I made it into a little postcard to send to a friend. I love embroidery. I am not great at it but I have to do it to get better.

Life is short. Prepping and producing to create balance in my life.

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A Quilter’s funeral


I went to my best friend’s funeral today and my eyes are sore from crying. I helped in setting up the viewing and I am really proud that we got it right for Jen.  This is a bowl full of her hexagon collection.  The note describes how Jen loved her hexagons and to ask her friends and family to take one or more so that they would have a memory of her. She once gave me a bucket full of hexies and called it a “bucket full of smiles.”  The bowl is sitting on her first hexagon quilt, called “Odyssey;” 100s of 1/2inch hexies sewing to make a galaxy; Jen’s own pattern.  The quilting was perfect.


Here is the whole table with her basket.  She brought that basket everywhere and she had so many projects ready to work on; hexies, spinning wool, knitting etc.


This is her urn and more of her; her motivation quilt that I made her which included messages from her friends and family.  Her husband made the urn out of a maple tree that he and Jen found in the yard.  It is of course in the shape of a hexagon with a big smile engraved on one side and flowers on another. So beautiful and heartfelt.


My Jen, Jen, Jen: the friend who was present and there for me in all my endeavours. I will miss her and I know that she will always be close to me, pushing me to live authentically.

Sewing, Reading, Quilting, Embroidery(ing :) ), Running, Writing, Weaving…and the list goes on and on and on…