Finally….starting my hexagon quilt

This has been a summer of handwork for me.  My Nature’s Journey is starting to take shape and I am honing my applique skills through it.

I am also working on my hexagons.  I’ve been doing them for three summers now and have nothing to show for them…well…just 100s of them but all unattached.  IMG_3897

Container 1 of a few!

This is what I want to do.  I am posting the picture as well as the site.  I don’t have the pattern but this is my inspiration:

It is from Martha of “Q is for Quilter” I find the quilt is classic hexagon and will fit my hexagon swap collection. If you like classic traditional quilts then you will love visiting this site! So many gems and inspiration!  I have been swapping hexagons for over a year now and this project is the perfect project for them.

Here is my audition of centres:

grandmother garden plan

I like the effect.  I swap 12 a month with between 5-8 other swappers so I have a variety!

I was so gungho that last night I made one flower and then another this morning…don’t mind the mess, but that is my hexagon tray. Don’t you love trays?

grandmothers garden 1

I’ve been playing with threads, so if you have tips for sewing hexagons together  I would be gladly accept! I like the method of sewing all around like a donut, leaving one side undone, then sewing the middle hexie and to around and up! Love it! I’m hooked!

I am going to link up with The Needle and Thread Network.  It has been awhile and I really like the inspiration this great group of bloggers gives to me”  They are Canadian bloggers  and it is quite timely that I share this week because it is Canada Day tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Finally….starting my hexagon quilt”

  1. It will take awhile Chooky but I think that EPP is like that! I am looking forward to retirement so I will have those extra hours in my day to do all the handwork projects on my list!

  2. You’re making great progress, Peg!

    I’m not yet brave enough to try hexagons! Perhaps in time. Yours look great.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN!

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